Lightning McQueen has the eye of the tiger in new Cars 3 trailer

Though the first two CARS movies are not the most beloved in the Pixar canon, CARS 3 is still barreling at us faster than a dude in a trucker cap heading into a NASCAR race. The new trailer for the movie has just dropped, and in it we get our best look at the story yet. Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) faces his greatest test in this newest movie – age – and the story puts him against a leaner, faster, shinier car that he simply cannot out-drive. Coming face-to-face with irrelevancy and retirement, McQueen must train like Rocky to prove he still has what it takes to drive really fast in a circle.

I was never a big fan of the CARS movies, unable to escape the fact they just don’t have the humor, originality or heart of anything else Pixar has done. Still, kids love it and the franchise makes a boat-load in merchandising sales, hence why they’re still around, so maybe the third movie can finally deliver something on-par with the rest of the Pixar films. I may be aiming a little too high there.

CARS 3 arrives June 16 with Owen Wilson, Nathan Fillion, Armie Hammer, Bonnie Hunt, Kerry Washington and more.

Source: Pixar



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