New character posters for Pixar's Brave hit the net

Tody, we've got four new character posters today, courtesy of EW, featuring the main players of Disney/Pixar's latest film, BRAVE.

BRAVE is the 13th film from the animation company and definitely feels like a turn in the right direction for the studio.  First, it's an original concept, not a remake, reboot, or sequel.  Second, it features human characters as the protagonists, something Pixar has only done twice with UP and THE INCREDIBLES.

Everything we've seen so far has led me to believe this will be one of Pixar's best.  CARS 2 left a bad taste on my movie palate.  This looks to be fun, comical, and even a little dark and mythological.  But, not too dark, as director Mark Andrews says, “It’s appropriately scary, as much as it needs to be to tell the story effectively.  But it’s not overly horrific or terrifying — we’re not going for a PG-13 rating. You’re in good hands with a Pixar movie, as always.”

That's good news to me.  I don't need a Pixar movie to be anything other than what I expect, which is a normally a great time at the movies (except for that CARS 2 business). 

BRAVE opens on June 22, 2012.

Here's the posters:

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer human or anthropomorphic/other characters in your Pixar coffee?



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