New character posters for Tim Burton's Dumbo arrive under the big top

Ladies and gentlemen, hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and prepare your peepers for something truly magnificent! Today, Disney has unveiled five new character posters for the House of Mouse's live-action adaptation of their 1941 animated classic DUMBO. Directed by Tim Burton (BEETLEJUICE, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS) from a screenplay penned by Ehren Kruger (ARLINGTON ROAD, THE RING), DUMBO is poised to soar through theaters as the tragic tale of a young elephant, whose over-sized ears enable him to fly, helps save a struggling circus. However, it brings me no great pleasure to inform you boys and girls that when the circus plans a new venture, Dumbo and his friends discover dark secrets beneath its shiny veneer.

You can marvel at the new character posters below, which saw their debut courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

As we make our way down the line, we find that the first poster features the film's plucky pachyderm, Dumbo. Born at the down-and-out Medici Bros. circus, Dumbo is thought to be a disappointment to the circus owner thanks in-part to his small stature and over-sized ears. Before long, Dumbo is thrust into a heart-aching journey that finds him seperated from his mother, leaving the dim-witted elephant at the mercy of an evil circus owner. In time, he joins the Dreamland circus as its main attraction, before discovering that the event's ringmaster is a vile and abusive villain.

Next we find a poster for Colin Farrell's Holt Farrier, a former horse showman who returns from World War I a widower and having lost an arm. Upon returning home to his two children, Milly and Joe, Holt finds a once beloved big top struggling to make ends meet in a fast-paced world that no longer has time for simple pleasures and leisurely trips to the big show.

Next to enter the tent is the villainous V.A. Vandevere. As played by Michael Keaton, Vandevere owns and operates the nefarious Dreamland circus, a state-of-the-art playground of wonders and attractions. Throughout the film, Vandevere places Dumbo under a tremendous amount of duress, as he forces the orphan animal to soar through the air for monetary gain.

A poster for Eva Green's French-born aerialist Colette Marchant is next on the list. As a star player of V.A. Vandevere’s Dreamland, Colette finds herself becoming a part of Dumbo's new act. Later, she becomes swept up in Dumbo's mission to escape his new surroundings.

Last but not least, we have Danny DeVito's Max Medici, Dumbo's original owner and operator of the ramshackle Medici Bros. circus. In the film, Medici hopes that a baby elephant will attract new visitors to his park. However, when Medici discovers Dumbo's enormous ears, he becomes discouraged with his investment. It's only after Medici learns that Dumbo can fly does he pay the little guy any respect.

There you have it, folks. Five brand-new posters that are sure to get you excited for when Disney's live-action DUMBO arrives in theaters on March 29, 2019.



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