New clip and poster from Paul Feig's The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

The upcoming comedy THE HEAT, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy may seem like a fairly by-the-numbers comedy pic, but there's one ingredient to the whole thing that has the potential to elevate it beyond that; director Paul Feig. The creator of the much-loved and short-lived TV show Freaks and Geeks and director of the smash hit BRIDESMAIDS, Feig has also directed episodes of 30 Rock, Arrested Development, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and more. Bottom line; the guy works on some stellar comedy, which puts him in better standing to deliver a damn funny movie with THE HEAT.

Today, we have a new poster and clip from the film to plead the case. The poster is pretty cool, although not likely one you'll catch on my wall. For whatever reason the clip really cracked me up. It starts off pretty standard with some banter between Bullock and McCarthy, but the very last second had me in stitches. I mean, it's not the most hilarious thing I've ever seen, but it definitely got an audible laugh and made me think about just who was behind this pic. I'm interested to hear the reviews on this, but the reminder that Feig is the captain of this ship gives me hope that we'll have a solid comedy on our hands. We'll see.

Here's the clip:

And, here's the poster:

Feig brings THE HEAT on June 28, 2013.

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