New clip from Escape Plan shows Arnold Schwarzenegger's artistic abilities; plus news on Conan!

Got a bit of a double whammy of Arnold for you today, starting with a new clip from ESCAPE PLAN (here's the last one), the new prison actioner starring both Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, as well as some brief news on THE LEGEND OF CONAN. First, let's talk ESCAPE PLAN. The clip has Arnold squaring off with the villainous warden, played by Jim "Jesus" Caviezel, who gives our favorite badass Austrian 10 seconds to draw "a map" to an escaped Stallone's location. The end result is less than a Picasso, but certainly a piece worth remembering for the warden.

10 Seconds:

As for THE LEGEND OF CONAN, the folks over at The Arnold Fans recently released details on their set visit to ESCAPE PLAN and had some new information from CONAN producer Fredrik Malmberg, who said that Arnold is deep into preparations to return to the iconic role and would piggyback with the return to his other signature franchise.

"Arnold is following the development closely (to The Legend of Conan), and he is very involved with the story development at this stage," said Malmberg, continuing, "He would go straight from filming Terminator to the Conan set. The top creative team is working very hard to deliver a great story. Things are looking good and we have a fantastic support from Universal Studios."

So, for those still unsure of Arnold's committment to sparkle motion, aka rejuvinating his star-making franchises, it appears that the actor is all in and not taking a second to rest between films. The Governator is most certainly making up for lost time.

ESCAPE PLAN hits theaters on October 18, 2013, followed by SABOTAGE on January 24, 2014, and will reunite with Stallone for THE EXPENDABLES 3 on August 15, 2014. He is currently shooting the zombie pic MAGGIE.

Extra Tidbit: If there's any way Arnold could NOT do Triplets and find another project, that would be greeeaaat, m'kay?



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