New Cloverfield film God Particle pushed back to April

The new CLOVERFIELD film, currently titled GOD PARTICLE, was supposed to come out one month from now but has had a puzzling lack of adverts. Everyone has assumed this was sneaky new promotion tactic, and that the movie would all of a sudden show up in theaters with not even a poster. But the reason for the lack of marketing is far less mysterious than you think, and it's been confirmed that the movie has been pushed back to this April.

Slashfilm learned that the upcoming follow-up to 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, which was supposed to come out February 2, has now been pushed to April 20. This is the third release shift for the next entry in the CLOVERFIELD series, which was supposed to come out a year ago in February 2017. The flick then went through reshoots and was pushed back to October 2017, only to get pushed again to February 2018, and now here we are.

Fans of the series had just assumed marketing for the movie was being kept on the hush-hush, much like the first movie back in 2008, which was treated with a lot of secrecy regarding its full plot. Then in 2016 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, a spiritual sequel to the original, surprised everyone when the first trailer and title dropped less than two months before the release. Like CLOVERFIELD LANE, GOD PARTICLE was conceived years ago to be made as an original film, but over the years the movie has been rewritten and retooled to fit into the CLOVERFIELD universe.

Starring Elizabeth Debicki, David Oyelowo, Daniel Bruhl, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Aksel Hennie, Chris O'Dowd and more, GOD PARTICLE focuses on a team of astronauts left alone to survive on a space station after the earth suddenly vanishes. The film is being directed by Julius Onah with a script from Oren Uziel and Doug Jung (STAR TREK BEYOND).

GOD PARTICLE is set for April 20...for now. 

Source: /Film



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