New Concussion trailer has Will Smith getting deeper into his fight with NFL

Football is a strange sport to watch these days. Even though I've been a fan all of my life, I find my enthusiasm for it to be waning the last couple years the more we learn of how dangerous it can be to its participants. This is something we're supposed to be watching for entertainment, and yet we're watching players kill themselves in order to supply it.

As we get deeper into the science of concussions and CTE and head injuries, it makes football a tougher pill to swallow, and it makes me wonder if the sport will be around in 50 years if it continues along this path.

Sony's CONCUSSION is ready to dive into the discovery of what has been happening to football players as a result of the game, complete with what the NFL may or may not have known along the way. And I'll be interested to see how fans react to facing this information head-on and whether or not it also begins to shift their perceptions about the sport. The new trailer for the film gets deeper into Will Smith's fight for the truth.

Source: Sony Pictures



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