New deleted scenes from Iron Man 2 and The Avengers to whet your appetite for that Phase One Blu-ray set

THE AVENGERS closed out Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a bang and here comes the massive box set to relive all of the films that led to it. We previously saw the new Phase Two teaser video included with the Blu-ray set, and now we have a look at several deleted scenes from THE AVENGERS as well as an alternate ending to IRON MAN 2. Thanks goes out to Comic Book Movie for assembling all of these clips on one page.

What these clips show us is that there was a ton of material filmed to completion by Joss Whedon which could have resulted in a massive Director's Cut of the movie. But, instead of messing with a successful film, these scenes are left as bonuses in the new set. We are all left to ponder what could have been with various subplots and alternate scenes presented here.

We also get an alternate ending to IRON MAN 2 featuring Whiplash and Pepper at the Stark Expo. I like this ending better, but it is still not enough to save that movie. Either way, check out all of these newly revealed scenes below along with a funny featurette about the shawarma scene during the credits to THE AVENGERS.



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