New Disney Prez is...?

Buzz Light-Stark

It's usually not JoBlo policy to cover boring and mundane business news like internal rumblings at the top of a studio or lawsuits being thrown around, but the Disney-hearts-Marvel saga is just getting soapier by the minute and plays out almost like a fiction story. So let's see what's on this week's episode...

Last week we reported that Johnny Depp wasn't so sure about playing Jack Sparrow again after Disney Studios prez and Depp's good buddy Dick Cook had left in ambiguous circumstances. Then we learned that a lawsuit was being launched against Marvel, Disney and most major studios by the late Jack Kirby's estate. So what now?

Word around town is that Marvel prez Kevin Fiege pretty much became BFF with Disney CEO/dictator-for-life Bob Iger when the two companies started talking merger, and the result is that Fiege is being groomed to possibly take over Disney Studios. I had no problem AT ALL with John Lasseter overlooking the Mouse's animation branch after fusing it with Pixar - that one was pure logic, but this time...

In other words, Kevin Fiege who now has so much money behind him for legal defense he could afford to resurrect Johnny Cochrane and have him drown the Kirby estate in paperwork for the next 30 years, may be given the keys to one of Hollywood's biggest movie machines.  What will that mean for Marvel movies, what will it mean for Disney movies, what will it mean for civilization as we know it?

Extra Tidbit: I hope Johnny Depp doesn't sell out to Marvel...Savvy?
Source: Latino Review



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