New episodes of Black Mirror will premiere in October

black mirror

I really hope you've taken advantage of your opportunity to catch up on the previous two seasons of BLACK MIRROR (and the Christmas Special). If not, put some hustle behind that bustle, as it's a technological TWILIGHT ZONE of sorts. But the third season is on the way and now we know exactly when those new episodes are set to arrive.

The series, which originally aired on the UK's Channel 4, has since shifted to Netflix - where you can binge-stream those other episodes - and, as a result, will get a bulk drop on October 21 of the new content creator Charlie Brooker has come up with. 

There will be six new episodes for you to run through and be shocked by, so clear some time in your schedule now. You know you won't want to be interrupted, and, while we don't know what any of them will be about at this point, isn't that part of the mysterious fun of BLACK MIRROR?


Source: Netflix



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