New exorcism series Outcast from Walking Dead creator coming to Cinemax

With THE WALKING DEAD set to get a spin-off later this year, comic creator Robert Kirkman is now going to have a third series set to air on premium cable. Instead of zombies, the new series will focus on demons and exorcisms. Based on Kirkman's comic book series OUTCAST, the new show has been picked up for a full first season on Cinemax.

The pilot was filmed last year with direct Adam Wingard who made a lot of fans with his Dan Stevens thriller THE GUEST.

Patrick Fugit (pictured) stars in “Outcast” as a young man who sets off to find answers as to why he’s been possessed by demons since he was a child. His search is aided by an unconventional evangelist, played by Philip Glenister, who has possession issues of his own. Gabriel Bateman co-stars as an 8-year-old boy who also is battling demons.

Robert Kirkman has proven himself capable of telling long form stories in his comic books which means OUTCAST already has a base of issues to inspire the show. Kirkman penned the pilot, a first for the writer who has worked on some episodes of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD. OUTCAST will air alongside the growing stable of popular series on Cinemax including the cult favorite BANSHEE, the Steven Soderbergh drama THE KNICK, and the recently greenlit QUARRY.

OUTCAST has no premiere date but the first season of ten episodes could begin as late as this Fall.

Source: Variety



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