New featurette for Dark Shadows digs up the character details

For those looking to get a better feeling for how Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS will play out, this new featurette lays things out quite nicely.  I doubt that the film is "spoiler-rich" so you need not worry about any major reveals, but it does delve into the various characters that live in the Collins' home and what the reigning theme of it all seems to revolve around; family.

Have a look:

Now, I know there are naysayers who hold the original series on a pedestal and I can respect that.  For me, however, I think this looks like a damn fun time at the movies.  Burton can be hit or miss, but this looks like he's returning to his dark, comic roots (a la BEETLEJUICE)

I'm sure DARK SHADOWS will have a healthy blend of everything, but mostly I'm just looking forward to some scenery-chewing, vampire-out-of-the-casket humor and Eva Green's cleavage.  Something tells me we can count on a lot of that...

DARK SHADOWS awakens on May 11, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: Is it just me or does Chloe Moretz not seem to age?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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