New featurette for Netflix's GLOW series focuses on stunts and comradery

I've been looking forward to the female-wrestling show from Netflix GLOW starring COMMUNITY's Alison Brie since it's announcement. From all the trailers it looked like it would be a fun, refreshing, feminist take on the wrestling world. The fact that most of the crew (creators, writers, and producers) are women as well helps with that feeling - especially in a field that is often dominated by testosterone. Beyond that, it also looked like it would just be a good show period, regardless of any other baggage.

Anyway, with the premiere just a few days away, Netflix has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette for the show. Let's take a look:

That's definitely cool that all the actresses are doing their own wrestling! That'll certainly help with verisimilitude. I also like that it's using its period setting to tell a story that plagues actresses today (especially Brie's line about not wanting to play a secretary who tells a powerful man his wife is on the other line). Beyond that, I still think it looks funny, dramatic, and an all around good show. I guess we'll know for sure when GLOW begins streaming on Netflix June 23rd.

Extra Tidbit: I never watched wrestling, but I loved the games. The SMACKDOWN series were probably my favorite (because of the amount of customization in the "Create-a-Wrestler" mode).
Source: YouTube



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