New Flash director is...

...The guy who directed CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN and THE PINK PANTHER. Perfect fit, right? Yes, just days after David Goyer announced on his MySpace page that he had left the project, Warner Bros. announced they've brought in director Shawn Levy to shepherd the film. So why drop the guy who wrote bad-ass scripts for BLADE and BATMAN BEGINS for the guy who directed Ashton Kutcher in JUST MARRIED? Well it's pretty much what you'd expect. Goyer turned in a "darker" FLASH script and it wasn't exactly what WB was looking for. They were looking for a "lighter" take on the character and felt Levy was the perfect guy for that. Both Levy and WB are avoiding the dreaded C-word that fanboys hate to hear - comedy. Levy will apparently use portions of Goyer's script for his version, which will be rewritten under his supervision. It is required that since this is an article about FLASH, I must bring up the name Ryan Reynolds because he is/was "attached" to the film (and "attached" means simply, mentioned every single time someone talks about the Flash movie).

Extra Tidbit: As an actor, Levy appeared in two episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210" as "Howard Banchek."
Source: Variety



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