New Fletch is Pacey??

The original FLETCH was on TV this weekend and I was wondering as I sat watching it why anyone was even trying to remake it. So much of that film is Chevy Chase and his inimitable style of comedy that to try and replicate it would be foolish. That film was lightning in a bottle and even when Chevy Chase tried to recapture it all they got was FLETCH LIVES. Kevin Smith infamously tried to get a film off the ground with Jason Lee and Zack Braff. Smith then left the project and Braff took the project to his "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence and he was attached to direct. Now Braff and Lawrence are out and in their place? Joshua Jackson? Joshua F*cking Jackson? I mean the guy was great in THE SKULLS and all but what on Earth makes anyone think this guy can be the new Fletch? He's not even a comedic actor! IESB is also reporting that Steve Pink (ACCEPTED) will write and direct the Pacey-fied version. Wow. Just go rent the new FLETCH Special Edition DVD people and call it a day.

Extra Tidbit: "Sugar, Mr. Poon?"
Source: IESB.net



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