New Force for Change fundraiser offering Han Solo role & Last Jedi screening

Every STAR WARS geek has dreamt of getting to team up with Han Solo to save the day, see the sets and getting to rub shoulders with the cast and crew, talking their ear off about your favorite franchise theories and what household items you’ve pretended were lightsabers. Well now you have the chance to do those very things, because with the impending release of THE LAST JEDI the Force for Change fundraising initiative is back to offer fans some once-in-a-lifetime prizes. Or once-in-a-spiritual-cycle…no judging.

Officially launching on Omaze today, the Force campaign is an initiative that will raise money for both UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, while at the same at time celebrate the 40th anniversary of STAR WARS. Fans can go to the page and donate as little as $10, but those who donate more get more entries to win one of three AMAZING prizes, one for each week of the campaign.

First, there’s a one night stay at Skywalker Ranch (which Daisy Ridley has totally been to), featuring a screening of A NEW HOPE and a tour of the private movie archives. Next there is getting to have an appearence in the upcoming HAN SOLO movie, probably as Han’s cousin, Dilbert (or Dilberta), who dies suddenly at the beginning from eating raw Tauntaun. Finally, the third prize is a trip to the premiere of THE LAST JEDI and entry into the after party where you can legally stalk Mark Hamill for three hours.

However, the ultimate grand prize (which you get entered for no matter what week you donate) is ALL THREE. One lucky winner and one mooching guest will get to experience ALL THREE prizes and have the most nerdgasmic time of their lives. There are some other sweet offerings as well, like one of three collectible t-shirts (given at the $100 donation level), which you can see below:

The last Force for Change fundraiser raised over $4 million for charity when THE FORCE AWAKENS was on the horizon, and the amount raised stands as a high mark in the entire history of Omaze. Now this new fundraiser hopes to top that by offering these magnificent experiences.

Frankly no matter how much you donate you get something amazing out of it. Even if you donate a little bit you get the satisfaction of being a good human being, and if you donate even more you get some cool collectible gear, which as a STAR WARS fan is an absolute must. I for one am gonna get me one of those sweet shirts, but if you're a real STAR WARS fan you'll take out a loan to get everything on there. You are a real STAR WARS fan, right?

Remember to go here to donate and catch STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI on December 15.

Source: Omaze



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