New Ghost in the Shell anime in the works; New movie set to lose $60 million

Now that GHOST IN THE SHELL has come out and done less-than-hoped-for business the movie is leaving a pretty bad taste in everyone’s mouth, even to the point where Paramount is already admitting their mistake. Chances are high that fans will forever prefer the anime film, and now news has hit the series will live on in what many consider the proper format.

News is that publisher Kodansha and Japanese animation company Production I.G are working on a new, animated entry in the GHOST IN THE SHELL series. No word yet on if it will be a movie or TV show, but it will be directed Kenji Kamiyama (GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX) and Shinji Aramaki (APPLESEED)

This all the news there is on the matter, but it comes after a poor opening weekend for the Scarlett Johansson-led live-action remake, which opened to just $19 million and is expected to lose $60 million off a $250 million budget. The studio came out and stand the “whitewashing” issue was to blame, but mediocre reviews can also be tacked onto the list.

I never saw the anime, so I can’t say I’m excited for any new GHOST IN THE SHELL anime films. This seems like more of an attempt to reclaim the brand and please fans who aren’t digging this new movie more than anything, which from a business sense is fine. Creatively the animated realm seems to fit the story and setting better, so maybe it should stay there.  As for the live-action movie's woes I can’t say I’m surprised. I never thought this movie would be a hit, simply because it didn’t seem accessible enough to the mainstream public, even with Johansson. The “scandal” made matters worse, so it’s better they just get what they can from it and move on. At least she got to wear an invisibility suit.

GHOST IN THE SHELL is in theaters now.

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