New Ghostbusters franchise will be "endless"


You'd better get used to Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS squad sticking around for awhile, because it doesn't appear as if they're going anywhere anytime soon. With early reviews coming in as mixed to positive, it would appear the door is open for people to check out the reboot and give it a chance rather than immediately write it off, now that their worst fears have been debunked. And the more angry fanboys keep trying to spam IMDb with negative reviews before the movie is even released or take to Reddit create conspiracy theories about the true motives of critics who may have reviewed the film positively, the more those involved seemed ready to dig their heels in and keep moving forward. 

At the recent red carpet premiere for GHOSTBUSTERS, it was producer Amy Pascal who told The Hollywood Reporter, "It's going to be endless. People are going to love this movie so much that they're going to demand more and more."

And guess what? Sony is going to make them, because they're in show business and GHOSTBUSTERS has the potential to be big business for them. 

The film is going to do fine in the U.S. and internationally will be a big hit, and, with that demand out there, Sony Pictures is going to create the supply needed - an "endless" supply, filled with sequels and spin-offs and animated features and... You get the idea. GHOSTBUSTERS is here to stay. It's time to start making your peace with that.




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