New Goldmember pics

I'm having a really hard time making up my mind about AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER. On one hand it looks like the same old jokes, recycled yet again, and it reminds me of a SNL skit gone WAY too long. On the other hand, I've seen a commercial or two (like the one where Scott Evil gives Dr. Evil sharks with lasers on their heads for Father's Day) that actually make me laugh. Maybe they are the same jokes but they could still be funny, right? Could. I'm still not sold yet. I liked AUSTIN when it was a dinky little movie that no one saw in theaters and was a little in-joke that a few people got. The whole "yeah baby" think wore out pretty quickly once Rosie O'Donnell caught on. In any event, if you need help making up your mind as well, New Line Cinema e-mailed us with a bunch of new pics from the film. Check out the two I posted below and to see the entire gallery, check out Cinemovies, who were kind enough to put them all online.

Source: New Line Cinema
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