New Green Lantern trailer emerges from blackest night

With THOR getting rave reviews and everyone liking every second they see of CAPTAIN AMERICA, DC's GREEN LANTERN hasn't been getting quite the same amount of love. Its joke heavy original trailer was light on plot and featured some questionable CGI that raised a few eyebrows.

But it's nice to see a studio actually LISTEN to criticism for a change. Warner Bros. sunk a lot more cash into cleaning up the computer effects, hired a few notable voices for the additional Lanterns and bam, things seem to be shaping up.

This new spot is less about Reynolds being hilarious and more about the epic space war that the film centers on. I was a critic before, but I have to say this is a marked improvement over what we've seen so far. Check it out for yourself below or watch in HD at Yahoo.

Extra Tidbit: Too bad it's too late to go back and give him a non-CGI mask, but it does look better.
Source: Yahoo!



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