New Grindhouse pics!

For my money (and trust me, there ain't much of that), GRINDHOUSE had the best presentation at the Comic-Con this side of 300. The crowd was literally begging both Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez to show the clip again but they both demured saying the whole idea was to tease everyone with the teaser. Well, mission accomplished. At the time though, there wasn't anything to show from Tarantino's "Death Proof" because it hadn't started filming yet. Today Entertainment Weekly has the first official stills from "Death" as well as a few new ones for Rodriguez's "Planet Terror." Just seeing Kurt Russell as the bad-ass Stuntman Mike should be enough to get you going (a caption includes the nugget that Tarantino calls these films "boner" films because, well....). No word yet on an official release date - and given the way the Weinsteins shuffle their pics around we could have a few before we're done - but expect sometime in late-2007. Click the pic below to head to EW to flip through the slideshow.



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