New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is here plus Q&A highlights!

On Friday, Marvel revealed the new and insanely awesome GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY poster which I've decided to include in any article I write about this film, Marvel, or raccoons. It's just that good. Even the teaser to the trailer showed off some pretty great elements, but now we have the full trailer in all of it's glory.

Check it out:

Most comic book films struggle to make one character seem interesting, let alone a whole group of them.  The fact that this trailer accomplishes that in the span of two minutes says a lot!  And given the source material, it looks like bringing director James Gunn (SLITHER) was an inspired choice. The man looks to have a great handle on the material, and as much as people are enjoying seeing Iron Man, Thor and Captain American in theaters, I think it's time they're ready for a little something extra. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY looks to deliver that, and I can't wait!

Some of the cast was also kind enough to do a bit of a Q&A on Facebook, so we've taken some of the highlights from there and posted them for your reading enjoyment below. There's some interesting info in there, and if you're wondering if Chris Pratt is that funny in real life . . . the answer is a resounding "yes"

James Gunn, on the possibly seeing a villains poster (because the heroes one is so badass):

There is indeed a chance of that and more. Bring on Yondu!!

James Gunn's influences while shooting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY:

So many. One of the biggest influences was - and no one is going to expect this answer - Magritte's Empire of Light paintings. I was also very influenced by many of the great space epics and science fiction films AND westerns like the films of Sergio Leone. Not to mention of course the comics, especially Abnett and Lanning and Jim Starlin.

The most beautiful scene in the movie according to James Gunn:

I don't want to give it away, but it's with Groot. Hooray for our visual effects team!

James Gunn on whether or not we learn about Drax and Rocket's past, as well as any possible appearance from the Hulk:

We find out a little about their pasts. No Hulk in this movie, sorry.

James Gunn on why Hooked on a Feeling was used in the trailer:

Hooked on a Feeling is one of the songs on Quill's mixed cassette tape - the last reminder he has of his childhood on earth. The music is also a way to keep us grounded in this out of the world space epic. We have lots of cool songs - more will be revealed soon!

On whether or not James Gunn would return for a sequel:

I believe I am contractually obliged to do that whether I want to or not. But, of course, I'd love it. I love these guys so much - the guys at Marvel and the cast. They've become very close friends.

Vin Diesel on how many times he says the line, "I am Groot":

Oh god... maybe a thousand? I don't know. It felt like a thousand. James Gunn and I were having so much with it. So it could've been a thousand. And it was amazing to go in there and to work with someone who wanted to explore the character- we wanted each "I am Groot" to mean something different... It reminded me, as an actor, how much we can do with so little- and if we're passionate about it, good thing can come from it.

Vin Diesel on what the most challenging aspect about getting into character:

It was very personal- it was the month after the accident happened with my brother Paul Walker and it was the first time I had worked since. Although it was challenging, just to get back to work was therapeutic- especially as Groot. There was an innocence about the character that was just refreshing- and it may have been more challenging under other circumstances, but at that time, it was very therapeutic.

Dave Bautista on his reaction on getting the role of Drax:

The simple answer to my reaction is: tears of joy. I was driving down the street and my manager and my agent called me and I broke down in tears. I screamed at the top of my lungs: “YES!” Then I thought: “Is there any way they could change their minds?”

Chris Pratt (Star Lord) on what it was like working with Rocket Raccoon:

Thank you for the thoughtful question. He was a total f*cking nightmare.

Chris Pratt's emotions when he got the call to play Star Lord:

I was calm, I felt as though I knew I had an incredible amount of work to do and although I was feeling excited I immediately went into smooth operator mode and slowly starting chipping away at the mountain of work that I had in front of me. Also, I had a boner. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, starring Chris Pratt, Zoë Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Karen Gillian, Djimon Honsou, John C. Reilly, as well as the voices of Bradley Cooper as the enigmatic Rocket and Vin Diesel as Groot, will hit theaters on August 1, 2014.



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