New images and poster for the magician thriller Now You See Me with Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson

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There are some movies that are pretty open about how they're not a "serious" film. That doesn't mean it's a bad movie or that it's too silly. I'm just saying that when the people involved with certain films know exactly what they're making they generally try to have fun making the flick and usually it means we get a film that will at least be entertaining.

NOW YOU SEE ME looks like it could be one of those movies. I've seen people describe it as "HEAT plus magicians" but that film is way too serious in my opinion to use as an analogy. "OCEANS 11 plus magicians" seems a little more accurate.

A new poster for the magician thriller has been released and the first thing I thought when I saw it was, "How much of the film's budget was spent on expensive suits?" Look at little Jesse Eisenberg, all dapper and shit:

Now You See Me Poster

There are also three new pictures for the film as well and the highlight is probably the image that you saw that made you click on this link in the first place: Morgan Freeman playing with fire. The other two pictures aren't bad but it's hard to compete with Mr. Freeman. Take a look:

Now You See Me image 1

Now You See Me image 2

Now You See Me image 3

I don't think NOW YOU SEE ME is near the top of anyone's list of films to see this summer but that doesn't mean it won't be a fun ride. It'll be interesting to see how the film performs in theaters considering the last magician themed movie (THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE) bombed hard but I believe NOW YOU SEE ME will attract an audience that's at least a little bigger.


NOW YOU SEE ME pits an elite FBI squad in a game of cat and mouse against "The Four Horsemen," a super-team of the world's greatest illusionists. "The Four Horsemen" pull of a series of daring heists against corrupt business leaders during their performance, showering the stolen profits on their audience while staying one step ahead of the law.

Staring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco, and Michael Caine, NOW YOU SEE ME hits theaters May 31st, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Does this film stand any chance of competing with the big films that are set to be released in May?
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