New Avengers: Infinity War IMAX poster is a superhero feast for the eyes

Ladies and gentlemen, we are only three weeks away from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Like, exactly three weeks away from pre-shows. If it still came out on May 4, we would be saying four weeks, which is basically like saying one month, which is nowhere near as exciting as three weeks, which is how far away we are now! If you’re as excited than I am then you’ll be psyched to know that a brand-new IMAX poster for the movie, which assembles the many, many characters who will fight one giant bad guy.

On the new poster are all the characters we’ve seen on the main poster (Hawkeye still being a no-show), but this time in more of a, I don’t know, circular fashion. Like Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable, but the table is very crowded and there’s barely enough chairs.  

The new IMAX poster comes on the heels of Marvel unleashing a round of individual character posters, of which you need to take a break in the middle before continuing to look at. As the new poster says, this movie is the first Marvel film to be shot entirely on IMAX cameras, with directors Joe and Anthony Russo intending for this movie to be seen on the largest screens imaginable. And why wouldn't you? The scope of the poster alone is mind-boggling, making you wonder just how in the world they managed to assemble everyone together for such a massive movie. 

Three weeks, people. That's all we need to wait until finally getting to see this movie. If that seems like a long way away, just try to imagine what you were doing three weeks ago. Doesn't seem that long ago, right? For instance, some of you were probably seeing TOMB RAIDER when it hit theaters three weeks ago. That doesn't feel like that long, does it? See, we're gonna get through this together.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR hits theaters in THREE WEEKS on April 27.

Source: Marvel Studios



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