New Infinity War trailer secures third-highest debut view count ever

The upcoming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is perhaps the most anticipated movie of all time, with each hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe making an appearance. Fans are absorbing every detail they can regarding the movie, and virtually everyone and their mothers are gathering around to watch any new piece of footage, including last Friday’s brand-new trailer. In fact, millions of people and millions of mothers watched the new trailer, making it one of the most-viewed trailers ever.

According to the viewer numbers (per THR), the trailer was viewed 179 million times in its first 24 hours, giving it the third-largest debut of all time. The trailer comes behind the first INFINITY WAR trailer, which got a whopping 230 million views, and the first IT trailer, which got 197 million views.

It’s not uncommon for second trailers to have fewer views than the first one. But still, as far as second trailers go, the new INFINITY WAR preview is king, as it topped the second trailer for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (128 million) by a healthy margin. Take that, you giant CGI dog-man creature!

No one should be surprised at how many times the trailer was viewed. The preview showcased almost entirely new, epic footage, and came months after the last full trailer. Not only that, but the trailer also announced that tickets were finally on sale for the movie, and just six hours later, it became the fastest-selling superhero movie of all time on Fandango.  I myself viewed the trailer about 10 times that first day, as many of you did too. This movie is going to be so massive it's not even funny. As we speak the movie is selling out shows across the world, kicking off what will surely be one of the biggest openings ever. 

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives April 27.

Source: THR



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