New international poster for Jack the Giant Slayer gives us a clear look at one of the titular giants

Jack the Giant Slayer header

If your fantasy desires were left unsatisfied by THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, or if your viewing conversely left you itching for more and you're desperately searching for something to tide you over until its sequel, then don't forget that JACK THE GIANT SLAYER is on its merry way to cinemas this spring.

Because it's been made very easy thus far to forget about this movie.  What with being pushed almost a year and the title change and the distinct lack of promotional presence beyond a new trailer and two posters, you would be forgiven for not really knowing that its 2D/3D/Imax 3D release date of March 1st is right around the corner.  Or knowing much about the movie beyond Bryan Singer's involvement and that it's somewhat about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  But for those of you who have been wanting to know more, today might just be your lucky day.  A recently revealed international poster for the movie shows off the face and hand of one of the story's titular giants, though it's hard to know if this is the design for any particular giant character or is just meant to generally communicate the idea.

Any way and either way, it's here now for your viewing pleasure.  The design certainly looks grimy and gigantic enough, which is I guess what makes the most sense to go for, and I enjoy being able to see the smaller details like his broken fingernails up close (as I assume I won't see them much in the movie itself).  But what say you?

Jack the Giant Slayer international poster

Extra Tidbit: I do think that Singer is going for something actually kind of cool here insofar as the world design/mythology goes (based on what little I can tell of it) - I just wish the studio had a better idea of how to sell it. Because that ball has been pretty obviously dropped.
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