New international trailer for Assassin's Creed is all Fassbender

michael fassbender, assassin's creed

Michael Fassbender gives ASSASSIN'S CREED a fighting chance. 

20th Century Fox's adaptation of the popular video game series has the very distinct possibility of being good, something we have rarely seen from a video game-turned-movie over the years... and a lot of that has to do with Fassbender making it all work.

Take a look at the latest international trailer for the film and you'll see just how much of this is riding on Fassbender. There hasn't been a film yet he's been in where he hasn't put it all on the screen, making him always an actor who needs to be seen in whatever he's a part of. Fox seems to be counting on that here. While there's nothing here that really blows me away story-wise and as someone who hasn't picked up a controller to play any of the ASSASSIN'S CREED games, it is Fassbender who at least has me intrigued at what this property as a film could be.

ASSASSIN'S CREED opens on December 21.




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