New Iron Man site!

In case you somehow missed the Super Bowl last night, first off you missed an insane game for the ages (this just about sums it up). Second, you may have missed the brand new IRON MAN TV spot (see it in JoBlo Video here). It featured tons of new footage and looked to pimp itself to the near 100 million people watching. If those people are anything like the people I was watching the game with, there are gonna be a lot of butts in the seats when IRON MAN opens up. As part of the new stage of the IRON MAN marketing campaign, Paramount and Marvel have launched the full version of the film's website, now in "Mark I" mode (modes II and III still to come). Included are tons of new stills (see a sampling below), character profiles, downloads and more. All this to say that IRON MAN is shaping up to be one of the hottest tickets this summer. Click any of the pics below to head to the site or just find your way to www.ironmanmovie.com.

Extra Tidbit: I couldn't be more proud of my New York Giants today...



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