New It image shows a familiar gutter; director assures you'll "shit a brick"

Just based off the laws of physics, time and reason we should be getting our first IT footage any day now. The movie comes out in September and is already amassing an insane amount of buzz and fan curiosity, and some footage is desperately needed. But alas, it is not this day. This day, though, we have a new image for you courtesy of the folks at Empire which shows the demon clown in a familiar setting.

Take a look.

Good thing I already slept this week, because it ain’t happening again for some time.

We haven’t gotten a good look at the monster in a little while, and though movies usually try to hide their terrifying figures director Andres Muschietti believes with IT the rule book needs to be thrown down the drain:

There’s supposed to be a less-is-more thing in horror. It’s like you’re not really meant to show the monster. But Pennywise is different. With Pennywise, it’s like, "This is the monster, I’m showing it to you... and you’re going to shit a brick."

I couldn’t agree more with the man. Some fans may not be sold on this version with Bill Skarsgard, but seeing this shadowy figure in the very place I hang out on Sunday’s was all too creepy. I don’t shit bricks too often, but I respect anything that make me can.

IT arrives via the plumbing on September 8.

Source: Empire



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