New John Carter trailer on Good Morning America

I wrote a post the other day that proclaimed that I believed JOHN CARTER would be a big box office bomb next year for Disney. Nearly all of you misinterpreted that as me saying that the movie would suck, when those are two very different things. Rather, I was commenting that the premise, and subsequently the trailers, seems like a strange thing to bank a tentpole franchise on, particularly where production costs are said to be as high as $250M with a big marketing budget on top of that.

I hope the movie is good, and with director Andrew Stanton that could definitely be the case. Whether that translates into the average moviegoer thinking that the movie is worth seeing is another story, and with unfamiliar characters and an unclear story (at least from the two minute trailers), I do have doubts about the movies appeal outside of a select contingent of fans.

There's a sneak peak of a new trailer that premiered on Good Morning America this morning that has a ton of new footage of Carter (Taylor Kitsch) doing battle with aliens. The full trailer will premiere on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and also on IGN at 9 PST.

Again, the film might be great, and hopefully that would translate into word of mouth support to bring in audiences, but I have trouble believing the concept shown through these trailers will connect with average moviegoers. I'd love to be wrong, but that's just what I think.

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Extra Tidbit: I always wanted Taylor Kitsch to get a haircut on Friday Night Lights, but now he looks kind of ordinary.
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