New joint animation firm announces first film Ron's Gone Wrong

Twentieth Century Fox and Locksmith Animation, the UK's new high-end CG feature animation studio, have today unveiled their inaugural project together, RON'S GONE WRONG. Co-directed by Alessandro Carloni (KUNG FU PANDA 3) and Pixar Story veteran J.P. Vine (INSIDE OUT, THE GOOD DINOSAUR) will helm the film which is now set for a November 2020 release.

RON'S GONE WRONG is the first project in accordance with the recently announced multi-year production partnership between Twentieth Century Fox and Locksmith Animation, which is poised to deliver one film every 12-18 months. Locksmith Animation will develop and produce the project end-to-end in London with partners Double Negative providing digital production. Assigned to work on the upcoming animation will be Production Designer Nathan Crowley (DUNKIRK, THE DARK KNIGHT) with Aurelien Predal (THE LITTLE PRINCE), Character Designer Carter Goodritch (DESPICABLE ME), Editor David Burrows (THE LEGO MOVIE), Cinematographer David Peers (HAPPY FEET), and VFX Supervisor Philippe Denis (TROLLS).

Writing the script for RON'S GONE WRONG will be Peter Baynham (BORAT, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA) and Sarah Smith (ARTHUR CHRISTMAS) with Lara Breay (MEGAMIND) serving as the film's producer. Julie Lockhart and Sarah Smith serve as Locksmith Producers with co-Founder Elisabeth Murdoch as Executive Producer, alongside Peter Baynham. The newly-minted animation will tell the tale of the wonderful walking, talking, digitally connected bot that sweeps the world becoming every kid's new Best Friend. But when an eleven-year-old boy ends up with one that doesn't work, his attempts to teach it become a hilarious, heart-warming exploration of what real friendship means in a world of algorithms and social media.

Oh snap, it sounds as if Ron's pretty woke,and will be using his sentient savvy to spread messages of love and friendship to those shackled to the bonds of today's social-media-driven society. Snarking aside, I'm always down for a new animation studio to join the fight to bring quality animated flicks to kids and families the world over. I'll be anxious to see a trailer for RON'S GONE WRONG, once all of his animated functions are in proper order.

RON'S GONE WRONG is expected to bow in theaters come November 2020.

Source: JoBlo



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