New Justice League art book cover & images assemble the team

We are about a month and a half out from JUSTICE LEAGUE which, given how long we’ve been waiting for this, is basically no time at all. But there is still enough time left to cram in some new glimpses at the flick, and the newest batch of images is here to grace your eyeballs.

The first image comes is the cover of an upcoming art book by Abbie Bernstein that contains concept art, sketches and BTS looks at the filming process. The book itself should be neat, but the super part of it is the cover, which shows us the whole team – including Superman himself (Henry Cavill). We have no idea as to how much he’s in the movie, but it’s little clues like this that assure he is in it at least for some portion. I mean, I hope:

The rest comes from an upcoming edition of Empire Magazine (via ComicBook.com), which will contain a massive feature on the movie. For now, just take a look at Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) not putting up with Batman's (Ben Affleck) crap AT ALL :

These images are certainly cool, and though not revealing at least adds to the pile of images we already have stored in our LEAGUE memory banks. The cover of the art book is gorgeous, and though I’m not really one to buy art-from-the-film books, this one could have some pretty stellar designs. As for the images, I'm down to take a gander at anything so long as it somewhat quenches my thirst until the day I can actually see this thing.

JUSTICE LEAGUE arrives November 17.

Source: EmpireComicBook.com



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