New Left Behind film might be on the way, God willing

For those who aren't familiar, LEFT BEHIND was a series of Evangelical Christian thriller novels that told stories about what happened after the "true" Christians were sent to Heaven (leaving only behind piles of clothes) after the Rapture. The story followed a pilot and a photographer as they tried to unravel the plot of the anti-Christ. And what ensues is bonkers and spans 16 novels.

Anyway, this series was so popular it spanned not only three movies starring Kirk Cameron, but a big(ger) budget remake starring Nicholas Cage a few years ago. However, after the financial and critical failure of the last film attempt, it seemed the franchise was dead, leaving only behind its pile of clothes. But fear not, true believers! Because producer Paul Lalonde has posted on the official LEFT BEHIND 2 Facebook page with this message:

Let's just hope Nicholas Cage bought another castle, because I'm only down if he's in the next one.

So anyone else here excited for a new LEFT BEHIND film? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: I actually prefer the Kirk Cameron versions, because they're crazy-as-hell, while the Nicholas Cage version was just kinda boring.
Source: Facebook



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