New Line to Xbox 360

New Line is the latest company to partner with Microsoft to make films from its catalog available for download through Xbox 360's Video Marketplace . New Line will make flicks available in both HD and standard-definition while Paramount has finally signed on to provide HD films. New Line is expected to provide both new releases and catalog films for digital rental. Unfortunately for Tolkien geeks, the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy won't be among the films offered by New Line. Why? Well because it would interfere with their plan to release 53 more special edition DVDs throughout the next 10 years (The Ultra Extra Special Super Extended Limited Edition Collector's Version!!). Considering the amount of online download services (Movielink, Walmart, CinemaNow), Xbox Live has jumped to the #2 spot behind iTunes in part because it's the only service to offer HD downloads. Also probably because Arrow just spent a small fortune downloading all the episodes of "Dog the Bounty Hunter." In announcing the new downloading partnerships, Microsoft also formally announced the Xbox 360 Elite, whose feature set will include a 120GB hard drive, an HDMI port and cable, an Xbox Live headset and a shiny black finish (OOOooOOOooHH!). Of course this will set you back $479. And kids start your begging.........NOW!

Extra Tidbit: I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever. Donkey Kong sucks. You know something, you suck.
Source: Variety



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