New Line's adaptation of Stephen King's It may not be dead

It Stephen King Banner

Earlier this week it didn't sound like New Line's movie version of Stephen King's It was going to happen, with director Cary Fukunaga leaving due to budget conflicts with the studio after the project moved from Warner Bros. The planned adaptation isn't alive and well, but it might not be as dead as first reported.

A source tells Bloody Disgusting that IT might be heading back to Warner Bros., and the studio is currently meeting with potential directors. The source also says WB will move forward with the scripts from Cary Fukunaga, and the book will still be split into two movies, as originally planned. The source also claims that it will be shot in New York, but after contacting Warner Bros., the studio told Bloody Disgusting that IT will remain at New Line, and it hasn't been determined yet when or where it will be filmed.

In short, it's not clear what is going on with IT, but I'm sure New Line is trying to do something with the Stephen King novel. I'm hopeful that the studio will still do a two-movie adaptation with Fukunaga's scripts, and that they land a solid director for the films. Who do you want to direct IT?



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