New looks at Star Trek Into Darkness via Empire Magazine covers and new stills

Before I begin, I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas this year! It's about time to start preparing for the New Year, and we've got tons of good stuff coming out way in 2013. One of the most anticipated is the subject of this article-- STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

Empire shared two of their upcoming magazine covers for the film, which include Kirk (Chris Pine) and John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). Then we have two new stills. The one with Kirk conversing with Harrison is just another angle from the scene we've caught a glimpse at before in the trailers as well as the first previous released still. The other is Spock on the hunt from who knows what.

No new discussion is brought into play by any of these photos. The most we can do is continue to speculate about the John Harrison/Gary Mitchell/Khan connection. I almost went deeper into spoiler territory, but had to stop myself. I think for those who have been keeping up, it's sort of hard to deny at this point that there's certainly some sort of Khan influence here. Hell, I will not be surprised at all if that's who Cumberbatch's character comes out to be. Check out the stuff below and give us your own theories.

Source: Empire



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