New Lost trailer!

The following may be an act of blasphemy, and if you want to crucify me for it, you can’t because you don’t know where I am and I’m stronger than you anyway, but I understand if you’re disgruntled. This is a movie site after all, and what’s next is a trailer for a *gasp* television show. But—as we all know, LOST isn’t just an ordinary show. In fact, the series as a whole is a greater achievement than 95% of the films released in a given year, so when the trailer for season 4 debuts, I feel it warrants some coverage, even on a movie site (that, and it’s a slow news night). For those who haven’t yet completed the 3rd season, this is your official spoiler warning. For those who have, I ask you, does that final line ever get old? It’s shiver-inducing, without fail. LOST returns on January 31st, and in case you forgot what happened in season 3, you should go back. You don’t have to, but you should. Check out the trailer HERE.
Extra Tidbit: LOST has been interrupted by the writer's strike but they have the first eight episodes in the can.
Source: ABC



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