New Mad Men photos and poster to whet your appetite for season 5

As THE WALKING DEAD comes to a close next week, we will immediately go into the fifth season of MAD MEN the following Sunday.  It has been almost two years since the finale of the fourth season of the show and I cannot wait for it to return.

It is almost too easy to write the show off and say it is overrated or not as good as everyone says it is.  But, I have yet to find someone to whom I have lent my first season DVD set (the one that is shaped like a Zippo lighter) who has not come back and said they loved it.

AMC's official site has posted 14 new cast and character shots along with the poster for the new season.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The new season will pick up some time after the season four finale and there promises to be some serious drama regarding Don Draper's proposal to his secretary at the end of last season, Joan and Roger's baby, and the relationship between Pete and Peggy. 

Will any of you scoff at seeing 13 episode featuring January Jones, Alison Brie, and the absolutely amazing Christina Hendricks?  With creator Matthew Weiner stating the show will likely end with season 7, that leaves us with only 36 episodes left before one of the best shows on television leaves us for good.

Extra Tidbit: I was all for Jon Hamm getting the Superman role. Put that man in a superhero movie NOW!
Source: AMC



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