New Megamind posters still heavy on the DreamWorks face

Earlier this year I was able to see about 10 minutes or so of footage from MEGAMIND and left suitably unimpressed. I've seen the trailer about 100 times since then (the projectionist at my local theater must love it) and haven't warmed to it much since. But one thing I didn't see in that footage or in the trailer (save for one brief glimpse) was the look and feel of Jonah Hill's character, Tighten.

Originally called Titan (not sure why they opted to spell it differently), this character is the new supervillain Megamind must defeat after finally defeating his nemesis Metro Man. The character seems somewhat similar to Syndrome from THE INCREDIBLES (geeky kid grows up to be powerful-but-still-geeky supervillain) but that couldn't be right? And this movie seems awful similar to DESPICABLE ME, complete with a character called Minion, but that couldn't be either, right?

I don't mean to immediately dismiss MEGAMIND or DreamWorks - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON was pretty remarkable - but I'm just not feeling the flow on this movie and these smirky posters aren't helping much. What do you think?

Extra Tidbit: The film was originally titled MASTER MIND, then changed to OOBERMIND then changed again to MEGAMIND.
Source: JoBlo.com



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