New Men In Black is set to become the People In Black... or something

It's going to be awfully hard for the MEN IN BLACK to maintain its title when, in the future, it's very likely women are going to be part of the equation. I mean, I guess you can still call them the Men In Black, but it'll be factually incorrect, and how can one take an organization like that seriously?

But that's the world we live in and that appears to be what's on the horizon with producer Laurie MacDonald talking to Newsbeat and informing them, "There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film]."

Who that woman will be remains to be seen, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull the trigger on changing up the partner dynamic in such a way.

Now before some go on their rants about gender-bending, think about it. This makes sense. We've already seen three films of two dudes tracking aliens... so what do you want them to replace it with - more of the same? At least this brings something different to the table and allows for some exploration of a new relationship. I'm all for it.

Source: Newsbeat



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