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OK, this is a pretty weird story.  A got thinking early this week about MINORITY REPORT.  I had begun seeing commercials regularly on Court TV (I'm completely addicted to "Forensic Files") and it got me thinking about the film's marketing campaign.  I wondered if they were going to play up the angle with Court TV and do some specials or something.  Then I started thinking about Spielberg and what he did with A.I. and Fox and what they did with X-MEN and the Senator Kelly campaign.   Surely, these two combined have to be cooking up some strange, creative marketing campaign for MINORITY REPORT.  But as of yet, we haven't really heard anything from either party.  Then I remembered how the whole "Jeanine Salla" mystery started.  It wasn't a calculated announcement but something that had been out there for some time and was eventually stumbled upon by scoopers to Harry Knowles at AICN.   What if there's already something out there for MINORITY REPORT that just hasn't been found yet?  Lo and behold...

So I start searching.  Typing in strange things in Google's search engine to see what comes up.  Nothing.  Just a bunch of fanpages and the usual stuff.  I watched the trailer again.  Maybe I was missing some secret code.   No, that would be a blatant rip-off of A.I.  Hidden codes in the HTML of the official site?  Nah.  I was having no luck and was about to give up when I figured I'd try one last thing.  I started first by trying addresses with the names of characters in the movie.  Nope.  What from the movie could be parlayed into a website?....It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I typed www.precrime.com and nothing came up.  I tried a bunch of different variations on that address like using a hyphen, without a hyphen, changing it to precrimedivision.com and so on...Still nothing.  Then it dawned on me.   Stupid, use another suffix!  If the Pre-Crime Division were an actual government agency and they had their own website it would be....dot-org!  www.precrime.org!  And there it was.  I couldn't believe my crackpot scheme (and these boneheaded ideas of mine NEVER play out) actually worked.


I surfed around the site and was beginning to wonder if it was all just a coincidence.  There was no mention at all of the movie, Tom Cruise or anything.   But there were hints.  The precrime logo was the same.  It says to vote YES on precrime on June 21st, the movie's opening day.  At the very bottom of the site it says it's trademarked to "TCM and DW"...yup, Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks.  Sure enough, the domain is registed to Fox.

So go now and take a look at this site.  There's some cool stuff like the personality tests and more.  Snoop around, check things out and above-all look for more sites!  There might be more out there!  As if I wasn't already excited about this movie, now I'm really juiced up!  If you find anything, please send it along to [email protected].  If I find anything else, I'll be posting it right here! 

UPDATE! - I've just been contacted by Fox who said the Pre-Crime site went live on Monday and was just added to the official site this morning. Check out the updated www.minorityreport.com for a little more on the film.

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