New Moon Volturi

Behold, TWILIGHT faithful. Bow before the magnificent Volturi! This new leaked photo features for the first time the members of the royal vampire clan that will be seen in NEW MOON. That’s Michael Sheen as Aro, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Dakota Fanning as Jane(!) and Cameron Bright as Alec.

For the rest of us commoners who don’t know the significance of the Volturi, they’re an ancient family of man-eating, werewolf hunting vampires who show up and make the Cullens look like pansies. Deer blood? Not in the Volturi house bitches!

As easy as it is to poke fun at TWILIGHT, I’m never opposed to badass vampires, and since the first movie had like, one of those, it’ll be nice to get a whole clan of them in NEW MOON. And seriously, how f*cking crazy is it knowing that’s Dakota Fanning under that hood and eyeshadow? She’s absolutely terrifying, and actually, a little bit cute. Oh she’s how old? Nevermind, she’s just terrifying.

Extra Tidbit: I think Caius must have escaped from the Malfoy clan.
Source: JoBlo



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