New Mutants tease hints at darker things to come

Fox has been doing a bang-up job delivering fresh and exciting superhero movies with LOGAN and DEADPOOL (let’s ignore X-MEN: APOCALYPSE), and will hopefully keep the train going with NEW MUTANTS this spring. The first trailer and poster have teased something genuinely terrifying, and a new tease has come out hinting something wicked is indeed coming for us. 

Featuring an image seen in the first trailer, the little tease shows Danielle Moonstar a.k.a Mirage lying in the show with the caption “Things will only get darker.” The character has the power to project the fears and dreams of other people, and the tease hints she will be key to the other characters having to come face to face with their own inner demons.

It’s not long and doesn’t show anything new, but it contextualizes the character a bit better and hints where the story will go. Director Josh Boone hinted the movie would be more like a horror film, and the recently released poster (below) calls to mind old-school monster movies. Given all that, and the trailer that's dark as hell, this is a movie I'm really looking forward to seeing. The Disney merger deal kind of muddies the waters a bit, but hopefully this tone can stay for some of the projects Fox has been working on, and we can have a new slate of movies that juxtapose the brighter MCU films. Really, I just want a superhero horror movie.

NEW MUTANTS arrives April 13, 2018.

Source: Twitter



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