New Old Republic trailer ditches cinematics for gameplay footage

So far upcoming Bioware MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has given us some of the most epic, cinematic video game trailers in history. But now that’s its switching from pre-rendered cutscenes to actual gameplay in this new trailer out of PAX East, the effect is a little less…dramatic.

I think it’s a problem of expectations being set too high. A Star Wars MMO sounds awesome, having it made by Bioware sounds awesome, seeing those first few trailers was awesome. But once you actually see it in practice? "Awesome" wasn’t the first word that crossed my mind.

I get that graphics have to be cut since the scope of the game is so sprawling, but this is just kind of a letdown after how epic the concept art and earlier trailers were. They’ve sunk hundreds of millions into this project, so hopefully gameplay and visuals are better when actually playing, but I don’t know. To quote Han Solo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

But that’s just me, what say you?

Extra Tidbit: I’ve also heard Dragon Age II is shit. Is that true?
Source: Pax East



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