New petition wants Zack Snyder to helm solo Batman movie

Not too long ago Ben Affleck announced he would no longer be directing the new solo Batman movie, and the hopes and dreams for a new, great BATMAN movie slowly faded into a darkness that not even the Dark Knight can penetrate. Now the hunt is on for a worthy director to lead the Caped Crusader to glory and riches. However, some people think the answer is right in front of our faces – Zack Snyder.

Recently a petition went up on Change.org by one Jennifer Huneycutt, who claims the choice is a “no brainer”, saying the director's knowledge of the characters, tone and direction of the cinematic universe make him the best choice to helm the movie:

Batman is an incredibly dark character (they don't call him The Dark Knight for nothing, you know), and Snyder's unique vision for his films is perfect for the tragic tale of Bruce Wayne.

She even cites movies like 300 and WATCHMEN as evidence for why he is so great at comic book adaptations. The director has already helmed two released movies in the DCEU -- MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V. SUPERMAN -- with JUSTICE LEAGUE on the way. Currently the petition has 3,000 signatures with a total of 5,000 being sought, but no word on what exactly will be done if the number is reached. Is it like saying Beetlejuice’s name three times, and all of a sudden Snyder will appear out of the mist in slo-motion?

Though I can’t see this actually accomplishing anything it’s still fun to talk about. I mean, the most badass scene in all of BATMAN V. SUPERMAN was the Batman warehouse scene, and an entire movie like that would be AMAZING. But I feel right now he has his hands too far into the DCEU to keep handling projects. New voices need to get in there, and some feel Snyder is the reason the DCEU movies aren’t working. We have compiled a list of directors to take on the duty, and Snyder is not on the list. Maybe there’s a good reason for that.

The Zack Snyder-directed JUSTICE LEAGUE arrives November 17.

Source: Change.org



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