New photos, TV spot, and official website for Zero Dark Thirty have been declassified

With the limited awards-qualifying release date of December 19th coming right up, ZERO DARK THIRTY has begun to ramp up its promotional efforts with the launch of an official website for the film as well as the release of five new photos and a thirty two-second TV spot.  The site can be found by clicking right here, and while it has been up in some form or another for a fair while now it seems to have been extensively updated with photos and interviews and snippets of the score and other such film-fan-friendly goodies.

All signs point to another tense and thrilling collaboration from director Katherine Bigelow and writer Mark Boal, with the footage and photos released thus far being replete with fantastic cinematography and imagery.  Here's to hoping that the same standard of excellence stays strong through the whole film - if it does, I would imagine that Bigelow and Boal have a serious shot at some more gold come Oscar night. 

But realy, there's only so much speculation that can be done until the full film is seen in all its suspenseful and dusty glory.  In the meantime, are you ready for a film on the hunt for (and death of) Bin Laden? What are you most concerned about, and conversely, what has you the most excited?

Zero Dark Thirty new still 1

Zero Dark Thirty new still 2

Zero Dark Thirty new still 3

Zero Dark Thirty new still 4

Zero Dark Thirty new still 5

Extra Tidbit: I felt plenty tense watching the trailer in front of SKYFALL, and that was just two minutes of film.
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