New pic of Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg from Mission Impossible 6

For me, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 will forever be known as the reason Superman's face looks fucked up in JUSTICE LEAGUE (if you don't know, Henry Cavill grew an amazing pornstache for MI:6, and when he was called in for unexpected JL reshoots, Paramount forbid him to shave it, so instead Warner Bros. had to digitally remove it in post for his scenes as Superman). However, this isn't about Cavill, but rather the other two stars of the franchise, Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg. Here is a pic from Instagram (provided by director Christopher McQuarrie) of the two bromancing it up:



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I mean...it's not much. Not even sure if it's a still from the film, or simply behind-the-scenes on set. But, it's cool that another MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is out, with this being the first entry ever to have a director helm two installments. However, I personally found ROGUE NATION rote and one of the more generic entries, so that's not as appealing as if Brad Bird gave it a second go. But I'll still give it a chance - at least we know Tom Cruise will do something batshit at one point.

Meanwhile, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 will explode onto theaters July 27th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite MISSION IMPOSSIBLE films, ranked?
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