New pics and info on Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers detail Depp's acting chops


Despite Kevin Smith seeking an end to his directing duties a few years ago, he's recently found his "second wind" and been setting up a myriad of film projects. Last year saw the release of TUSK, which was the first of an off-kilter horror-comedy trilogy taking place in Canada. The second film, YOGA HOSERS, will follow two teenage yoga enthusiasts (played by Kevin Smith's and Johnny Depp's daughters, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily Depp, respectively) who team up with a legendary man-hunter, Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp) to battle an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans. Time will tell if this movie will be as playfully weird as its first installment, but the director had some details to offer up watching the daughter of a classic actor work with her father.


Kevin Smith on making the girls the stars of YOGA HOSERS:

At the end of the day of filming TUSK, Johnny was like 'If we were smart we'd retire and live off these girls.' I took that rather seriously.

On watching Lily Depp act with her father:

There's a scene in an interrogation room between the two of them and they're actually trying to out act each other and it's really cute. "Then Lily busts out some French – because she speaks French really fluently – and just shows him up.


People goes on to say that Lily's mom, Vanessa Paradis, as well as Justin Long, pop up in the film. Given that Long's character from TUSK runs into the two girls, I wonder if we'll just be seeing a flashback from their point of view. In any event, I'll be curious to see how this movie compares to the first and if it actually reaches more of the public eye. I'm not talking JURASSIC WORLD numbers, mind you, but something beyond the niche market that TUSK fell into.

YOGA HOSERS will have a limited release sometime in 2015.


Source: People



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