New poster for Bad Ass strolls down the street with a vengeance

Danny Trejo's senior citizen vigilante flick (a strange sub-genre if there ever was one) BAD ASS is amping up to come out in limited release this Friday, but before it does so here's one last promotional image for you. 

Bad Ass smaller poster #2

This seems to me to be almost a continuation of the first poster we saw, with Trejo now done standing still looking intimidating and having moved on to walking down the street with strangely photoshopped arms looking intimidating.  Which he does, so I'm not arguing.  If I saw this guy coming towards me, chances are I'd turn right 'round and get as far away as my sad legs could carry me.

Find out for yourself how the capacity to cause some serious hurt is one of the few things that doens't dull with age when BAD ASS releases April 13th.

Extra Tidbit: BAD ASS was inspired by a YouTube video wherein an older Caucasian man named Thomas Bruso was provoked by a slightly younger black man while on a bus and responded to the provocation by beating him.
Source: IMP Awards



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