New poster for final season of House of Cards announces November release

After one highly-publicized controversy and a massive production overhaul the sixth and final season of HOUSE OF CARDS is finally coming to us, and now has a premiere date of November 2. The news was announced along with the release of a brand new poster that finds Robin Wright's Claire Underwood in the big chair as President of the United States, with only a tad of blood sprinkled on there for good measure. 

Ever since the show debuted in 2013 the seasons have aired on Netflix during the first half of the year, but after disturbing allegations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey came to light the show went through a massive upheaval. After a total halt, production started up again with Spacey's Frank Underwood being taken out completely and with the focus shifted onto Claire. We will have to wait to see how the show will address his sudden absence, but no matter what the series comes to an end this season, and across eight episodes instead of the usual 13. 

As for the poster you can see it's a callback to the poster from the first season, which had Frank gripping the arms of his seat, blooding rushing down the sides. Now, it's Claire's turn.

We have yet to see a full trailer for the new season, but I can imagine that with this poster some footage can't be too far off. This season could potentially be the biggest yet given all the news surrounding it, as well as Wright taking center stage. This will definitely be must-see viewing come November, mostly to watch Wright do some expert fourth-wall breaks. 

HOUSE OF CARDS airs the final season November 2. 

Source: Netflix



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